I’ve been on the road working a lot the last month and haven’t been able to devote much time to writing, regretfully. I’ve been around the Carolinas in a huge circle from Charleston to Raleigh to Spartanburg three times over. The mountains , ocean and cities are one long blur, a strange watercolor of experiences. Exciting, interesting,  frustrating, sometimes  relaxing  (all the ings.) One night on a 3 hour ride home after our last out of town job, I was just web surfing out of boredom. I was actually looking up rates for flights to Ireland because of my heritage. I typed in something like ‘Irish traveling’ and what popped up in the results kind of opened another dimension. Apparently there is a town in lower SC ,actually North Augusta, called Murphy’s Village. It’s an unincorporated town that consists of nothing but modern day gypsies! Irish Gypsies! They are actually called Irish Travellers. Why have I never heard of this? I’ve lived in SC my whole life! I am still investigating this cultural phenomenon, stay tuned this will be continued….



I travel to some really beautiful places on the east coast for work. Like this place on the Marsh. Lots of cute little crabs scurried around when I walked to the edge of the dock. The owners out of town and his son is stopping by to pay us(finally) since he was too drunk to stop by last night. It’s safe to say he’s a douchebag. I hope he falls in the water one night plastered and gets eaten by a hoard of little crablets……Beautiful place,though, gorgeous. BestMe_20160317191558.jpg

Seeing Green

Green is peaceful, the color of a spring meadow. Light green can be uplifting and dark green evokes the mental image of a grove or forest. Green is the color of freshness and renewal, and has been in Western culture since the earliest of times. The word “green” comes from the Old English gréne, in turn from grêne in Old Frisian and various related Germanic languages. Reappearing in springtime, after the dull, seemingly colorless winter, it became a symbol of fertility and growth, of abundance and eternal life. The color green represents harmony, growth, abundance, vitality, healing, and nature and radiates a feeling of fullness. When thoughts of nature come to mind, green, being the color of grass, trees and plants, 99% of the time is the dominant color of one’s mental images. On the visible spectrum green lies  between blue and yellow. Green has come to mean youth, growing, healing, success, good luck, and beauty. In Celtic myths the Green man was the God of fertility. Later in the millennium, Early Christians banned green because it had been used in pagan ceremonies. In the 15th Century, the color green was the best choice for the bride’s gown because of its earliest symbolism, heralding fertility. Green was a sacred color representing the hope and joy of spring.Green has been reinterpreted by late 20th century American culture. It is said that green is the most restful color for the human eye. Green has great healing power. It can soothe pain. People who work in green environments have fewer stomachaches. Suicides dropped 34% when London’s Blackfriar Bridge was painted green. Green is associated with the direction of North. In Hindu belief, green represents the heart chakra.Its also my my eye color, of course it’s my favorite :)🍀🍀🍀🌿🌱🌱ff735e78-6930-414d-a8c8-f0dde56bbd25